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About Me...

We are a small minority owned business that celebrates the richness of our culture, yet we embrace diversity, respect all people, and believe in humanity.

 Like many women who are multitasking- whether working full time, home schooling their children, preparing meals-I was searching for meaningful ways to exert my creative outlet, to acknowledge women leadership, and to share with others how we can leverage innovation while maintaining integrity. In addition, I needed something to remain energized and engaged with the world.

 What began as a way to remain inspired and motivated during the pandemic, I looked for a planner to help me note my productivity and something to review what I had done. More importantly, I wanted to look forward to what I needed to do. The pandemic made me feel as if I were marching in place while I needed to move forward. After conspiring with my son, Bryce, and my husband, Mike, I created the first iteration of my be productive planner. After countless hours of tweaking "be productive," we then designed notebooks for children, young adults, and mothers. We have expanded our inventory since opening. We hope you continue to follow and support us along this journey.